Synthetic Lubricants and Filters Inc

SLFi FRHF Wick Flame Test

SLFi’s line of fire resistant hydraulic fluids provide superior protection for pump components and bearings. Formulated with the highest quality synthetic base fluids and anti-wear additives, SLFi’s line of synthetic fire-resistant hydraulic fluids resist pump cavitation and provide superior protection at high temperatures and pressures.

FRHF is far easier to maintain, provides pump protection, has long fluid life . It is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and its exceptional oxidative stability, corrosion resistance, and anti-wear properties make it particularly suitable for applications where other fire resistant fluid technologies are restricted. Below we show a wick flame test with a paper towel soaked in standard Hydraulic Fluid vs SL-FRHF.  For more information on SLFi hydraulic fluids and products click here.