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Industrial PAO and POE Formulated to meet FM specifications for FR Lubricants

Viscosity 32, 46, 68, 100

Our Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (SL-FRHF) is formulated to offer superior fire resistance and enhanced lubrication and protection. Unlike most water-soluble glycol-based formulations, our Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid is far easier to maintain, has an exceptionally long oil life and offers superior pump protection. It is non-toxic and non-hazardous, and its exceptional oxidative stability, corrosion resistance and anti-wear properties make it particularly well-suited for applications where other fire-resistant fluid technologies are restricted.



Technical Data Sheet 32

Technical Data Sheet 46

Technical Data Sheet 68

Technical Data Sheet 100

Safety Data Sheet 32

Safety Data Sheet 46

Safety Data Sheet 68

Safety Data Sheet 100

FRHF Pamphlet



  • Very High Flash Point
  • Superior pump protection
  • Excellent protection against wear, rust and corrosion
  • Excellent demulsibility
  • Excellent oxidative stability
  • High Viscosity Index
  • Non-Toxic/Non-Hazardous


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