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Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluid

Viscosity 32 (40), 46, 68, 100

Food Grade Heat Transfer Fluids (SL-HTF-FG) are made with the finest thermally and oxidatively stable base fluids. They are further enhanced with proprietary additives that greatly extend their life over normal synthetic fluids and provide for even higher operating temperatures in both open and closed systems. They are approved by the USDA for H-1 applications (lubricants with incidental food contact). They fully comply with the requirements of FDA 178.3570. Series Heat Transfer Fluids are NON-Toxic and NON-Hazardous and do not form carbon in most applications.



Technical Data Sheet 40

Safety Data Sheet 40

Product Brochure

HTF Curve



  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability, contributing to long life at very high temperatures
  • High flash, fire and auto-ignition temperatures for added safety
  • Low volatility and vapor pressures
  • High heat capacity and thermal conductivity
  • Excellent deposit control to help keep system clean
  • Low viscosity at operating temperatures for improved pumping efficiency
  • Excellent demulsibility and cold flow properties for smother start ups


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