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“We have a synthetic for all applications”.

Synthetic Lubricants & Filters, Inc. or SLFi began selling synthetic air compressor oil in 1980 for a major distributor of air compressor equipment. Beginning 1985, SLFi moved to a dedicated synthetic oil blender who sold PAO synthetic blended basestocks for general industry. SLFi remained that blenders top sales force for 12 years. Realizing that one synthetic basestock type did not do the whole job, SLFi decided to blend a variety of synthetic oils beginning in 2001.

SLFi has more than 25 years of experience in designing and formulating synthetic lubricants for both common and specialized applications. Together, the SLFi sales staff has over 40 years of providing synthetic lubricants to the following industries:

  • paper
  • pulp
  • food
  • marine
  • automotive
  • hospital
  • industrial

Our Mission:

To sell the right synthetic fluid for the correct application. Many blenders try to push oils that may or may not fit an application. When you buy SLFi rest assured the oil fits the application you designed it to run in. No one synthetic type covers all the bases. Combining both the customer’s input regarding individual application needs and personalized consultation from the SLFi staff, we can use a more intelligent approach in formulating our synthetic fluids to perfectly fit the application need and equipment it is designed for. Simply put…



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