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Full Synthetic Refrigeration Biodegradable Lubricant

Our Full Synthetic Refrigeration Biodegradable Lubricant (SL-BIOHFC) is a polyol ester (POE) lubricant that provides unsurpassed performance in HFC refrigeration applications. This advanced formulation provides superior protection for HFC refrigeration systems, exceptional chemical and thermal stability, and a very long service life.

SL-BIOHFC-68-55 utilizes a proprietary combination of advanced friction modifiers and anti-wear additives that bond to metal surfaces inside the compressor. This combination creates an extra layer of protection and lubrication that dramatically reduces friction and wear, resulting in increased compressor efficiency, energy savings and extended compressor life.


Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet



  • Controls carbon and varnish to help reduce deposits
  • Excellent solubility in HFC and blended refrigerants
  • High viscosity index for better compressor protection at elevated temperatures
  • Maintains fluidity in low temperatures
  • High flash and auto-ignition points for added safety
  • Outstanding film strength and anti-wear properties
  • Long oil life, allowing for extended oil-drain intervals
  • Controls rust for enhanced component protection


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