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Advanced Air Compressor Lubricant (SL-GR)
Advanced Air Compressor Lubricant Food Grade (SL-GR-FG)
Air Compressor Cleaner and Lubricant (SL-ACC)
Air Compressor Cleaner Concentrate (SL-GSCC)
Air Compressor Lubricant Food Grade (SL-FGAC)
Air Tool Protector Lubricant Food Grade (SL-ATP-FG)
Ammonia Compressor Lubricant Low Temp (SL-R717AC-LT)
Ammonia Compressor Lubricant Rotary Screw / Reciprocating (NXT-717)
Automotive Gear Lubricant (SL-SGL-AUTO)
Barrier Fluid (SL-T-SEAL)
Bio Green & Gold Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid (SL-BGGHF)
Bio Green & Gold High Dielectric Hydraulic Fluid (SL-BGGHF-HD)
Bio Green and Gold Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid (SL-BGGHF-FG)
Biodegradable White Hydraulic Fluid (SL-WOAW)
Blower Fluids (SL-SBL)
Centrifugal Pump Lubricant (SL-CPL)
Centrifugal Pump Lubricant Food Grade Biodegradable (SL-CPL-FG-Bio)
CFC / HCFC Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant (NXT-ABR)
Clean Up Fluid for Lubrication Lines to Ball Rail (SL-GCO)
Cornell Pump Lubricant (SL-CNPL)
FG Calcium Sulfonate Grease (SL-FG-CA-SUL#2)
FG Camel Clear Silica Gel Grease (SLF-Camel-FG)
Fire Resistant Compressor Fluid Food Grade (SL-FRCF-FG)
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (SL-FRHF)
Fire Resistant Hydraulic Lubricant Food Grade (SL-FRHF-FG)
Food Grade Gear Fluid (SL-SGL-FG)
Food Grade Grease Biodegradable (SL-BGGG-RF)
GCO Oven Ball Rail, Glide Strip Lubricant (SL-UP-380)
Gear Lubricant (SL-SGL)
Heat Transfer Fluid Food Grade (SL-HTF-FG)
Heat Transfer Fluid w/Cleaner (SL-HTF-DE)
HFC Refrigeration Biodegradable POE (SL-BIOHFC)
Mineral-Oil-Based Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant (NXT-MIN)
Miscible Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant (NXT-744-POE)
Monarch Synlube Select Engine Oil
Non-EP Gear Lubricant (SL-SGLX)
Paper Machine Lubricant (SL-PML)
Partial Synthetic Gear Box Lubricant (SL-PS)
Partial Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid (SL-PS-HF)
Picket Line Lubricant (SL-PLL-FG)
Plate Roll Freezer Hydraulic Oil (SL-HF-FG)
POE Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant (NXT-POE-LT)
Replacement Rotary Screw "PAG" Compressor Lubricant (SL-GR)
Rotary Screw and Reciprocating Compressor Lubricant Diester (SL-D32)
Rotary Screw Lubricant Biodegradable (SL-BGGCL)
Semi-Fluid Gear Lubricant (SL-Gear-Tuff)
Semi-Synthetic Compressor Fluid (SL-SS)
Semi-Synthetic Hydraulic Fluids (SL-SS-HYD)
Silicone Rotary Screw Compressor Lubricant (SL-SERIES-SIL)
Spiral Freezer Lubricant, Ball Rail Glide Strip (SL-SF80-FG)

We carry all Synthetic Lubricants at SLFi...our website displays the most common products we sell. Please call us to discuss you lubrication needs and we'll find, or create, a synthetic lubricant for your application.


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